Gourdough’s Public House

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The Dinner Rollers roll to Gourdough’s! Yeah, I’ve often used terms like big, fat to describe myself but this time I defer to Gourdough’s. I must say when I first heard of Gourdough’s I had only heard of the dessert options available from a food trailer and it sounded great but then I heard hamburgers made with donuts? That just seemed wrong. This was a place the Dinner Rollers just HAD to check out! I can’t even begin to describe the menu but yessiree-Bob, they were all on donuts. Even the salad had a big fat donut. The menu is funny with entree’s titled ‘The Breast Lift’, ‘The Saussy Cock’, the ‘Ron Burgandy’…

I and the other dinner rollers liked the atmosphere. I especially loved the music, southern and classic rock – my genre! We all had a great time and totally enjoyed the food.

As for accessibility…there are only 2 accessible parking spaces but they were available! They do have the now popular high tables but they have low picnic-type tables too that people in wheelchairs can utilize.

If i have one complaint, it’s that our server was slow. It’s not like there was a full house so as far as I could tell, there was no reason for her to be as slow as she was. I’ve never liked having to look around trying to find our wait staff.

Sharizod’s restroom review:2

I think this picture sums it up….we were so full that even Jennifer couldn’t finish the last sliver of strawberry LOL. He was the lone survivor 🙂

Sheila loves a donut in her salad!

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